You can say what kind of person an individual is by the answer he or she gives to “what’s in your garage?” Different cars meet different needs and different preferences. A car owner’s choice might be practical in the choice of cars — a versatile hatchback or minivan solves all your needs, immediate and future. Perhaps the preference is for something more rugged and sturdy, like an SUV, or even a little splurgy, extravagant, and on the self-rewarding plane like a convertible or a luxury sedan.

auto insurance


Or maybe you recognize the artistic masterpiece that cars are, and you collect them, and hence you have a classic or vintage sport that hits all the right spots. Whatever the case (or wheels) may be, it’s clear you need car insurance. And who better than us has the coverage options that give you everything you want in auto insurance policies. If you’re not convinced as to why you need auto insurance, well, here’s a few road bumps and potholes that could bring you to a grinding halt.



One of Your Son Is in the Middle of a Car Accident

Get this. Your son and his friend get seriously hurt when he crashes smack into a tree or a pole. Our Medical Payments Coverage is just the thing to help with the medical expenses from an accident like this, and it doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

You Can’t Work Because of Physical Therapy

Getting yourself back on your feet after getting injured in a car accident is very important. However, it can interfere with work, and so you may miss work and pay. Personal Injury Protection (PIP), where applicable, covers your medical and rehabilitation expenses, including whatever pay you may lose as a result of missed working days.


You Are at Fault!

The perfect day. The sun is smiling ever so brightly as you drive up the street. Maybe too brightly. A stray ray hits your eyes too much, and in that split second, you collide with another car in the middle of rush hour. Thank Heavens, it’s only a minor collision, but the other driver thinks it’s worse. Cracked ribs? A broken neck? Who knows? Our Liability Insurance Coverage settles all payments for bodily injury and property damage to another party from accidents you caused.

Involve In an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

You’re going about your business, bugging nobody, and then someone else hits you because texting while driving, or trying to beat a red light. You have minor injuries, and your car’s been clipped. To add to the injury, the driver isn’t covered or isn’t sufficiently covered.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage takes care of your injuries — up to your policy limit – when they are caused by another driver without an insurance cover. Underinsured motorist coverage picks up the costs of your injuries when the other driver at fault is insured, but it’s not enough to cover your damages.

You’re Hit… By Hail!

Nobody controls the weather, unfortunately. A hailstorm from nowhere hits you, cracking your car’s windshield and leaving dents on your hood, roof, and trunk. A total beat down. Comprehensive coverage covers you when the damages to your car are caused by accidents other than collisions.




You Damage Your Car Accidentally

It’s a freak accident, but somehow you manage to damage your car before ever leaving your driveway. Or you crash into some guardrails. Or hit the garage door, damaging your fender and probably your trust in yourself. These things happen. Collision Coverage can help repair your damaged fenders, lights, bumpers, or mirrors. Or pay you compensation for the vehicle’s value if it’s a complete loss.

Other Insurance Options You Should Consider

You can consider different insurance options, and you can find out if you’re eligible for more value if you have multiple insurance coverage. You probably qualify for to buy now pay later car insurance. Ask your agent for a quote that includes insurance coverage for such risks, and you might qualify for discounts in multiple policies



There’s a Storm

  1. Your retail store gets hit by a major storm, and the result is a beat down that leaves you needing a new roof.
  2. Your Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Enough.
  3. You cause a crash, but your policy can’t cover all the damages because the liabilities are not on the high side.

A person from our company policy gives you an additional layer of liability limits, The policy that covers, provides an extra liabilities limits layer, particularly for times when your liability limits aren’t enough to cover all the damages.